Girls, girls, girlzzz

The title is very lesbian sounding, and with good reason! I have fostered an immense crush on Sleeper Agent’s lead singer. She so foine. After hearing Get It Daddy on some iTunes college radio station, I can’t stop. It’s getting a bit ridiculous…I have mad respect for this girl because besides Karen O and Allison Krauss I absolutely loathe girl bands. I hate to put down my gender, but women really suck at making music. Sorry man. Just a fact of life. Just like how boys are faster runners. Anyway, I digress. Upon investigating Sleeper Agent’s background, I found that their past tracks were super girl-y. I’m glad they cleaned up their act. This is headbangable and I love it.


I’ve been so absent from the interwebz because for a brief moment of time, I had a life and had real people to see and real tasks to do. I was in SF for Outside Lands which was incredibly fun, and since then I’ve been basking in what little summer I have left. Tomorrow is officially my last day of summer. That’s awful.

Filling the void in my heart with some dubstep, because where sentimental indie music fails, loud noises and bowel movements succeed.


Wanna know what’s going to blow up in a few days all over the interwebz?! SAVOY. Hardly seems appropriate seeing as I’m going to Outside Lands today, but whatevs. I love dubstep always

Foster the People

For the longest time the only Foster the People song I knew was “Pumped up Kicks.” I figured, like most indie bands, that Pumped up Kicks was their album’s only good song, and that the rest of the songs on their album would suck butt. I was so wrong. Their entire album is gold.

One of my favorites is Houdini, and it’s even more badass remixed by RAC

Summer Mix

What I’ve had on repeat this summer:

1. Black Hills- Gardens & Villa
2. Strange Love- Theophilus London
3. Got it All (This can’t be living now)- Portugal the Man
4. Color the Walls (Don’t Stop)- Foster the People
5. Revival- Deerhunter
6. Oh My God- Cults
7. Mouthful of Diamonds- Phantogram
8. Wildfire- SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon

Best Coast goes oldschool

I hate girl singers and especially girl bands. The only girl band I will ever willingly listen to is Warpaint, and maybe Feist (although she’s been MIA for quite some time).

That brings me to girl-led band, Best Coast. I’ll admit, when I first heard Bethany Cosentino’s songs from her band, Best Coast, I was fighting back my gag urges. All of her songs were like: Boys boys/I want some boys/a boy broke up with me/im sad/ boys. And for some reason I would always think of Taylor Swift and how her lyrics are all like: country boys boys/I want some country boys/blah

But this music video sort of made me LIKE Best Coast…a lot. Directed by Drew Barrymore, starring Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Chloe Moretz of Kickass fame, the music video takes on a really romantic Grease meets West Side Story sort of feel. I think Moretz and Posey nail it.

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Despite some negative feedback from Hipster Runoff’s brand of indie kidz (“because lyk, the plot was SO contrived and so stupid”) I thought this music video was awesome.


My music taste can be chronicled in two paths.
I first became interested in music upon buying my first CD by the Hives. From there it transformed into a love of just rock, the Foo Fighters, RHCP, Arctic Monkeys, etc. By late middle school, I was a full-out screamo lover (I know what you’re thinking…no judgement please) enjoying the post-punk/metal scenes respectively. There was Devil Wears Prada, Chiodos, Underoath, anything by Anthony Green…
When highschool hit, naturally this love of loud, noisy, angst-y music transformed into an appreciation of dubstep, a more mature channeling of all of the aforementioned elements. My first dub encounter was hearing Caspa’s Cockney Thug. It was love at first hear.

Anyway somewhere along the way I kindled a love for more calm, indie music too for my less prepubescent-angsty side. But this too nurtured a love of dubstep. The oldschool, more spiritual and slow bass grooves a la Burial.

So that brings me to dubstep. Dubstep is a culmination of everything I love about sounds in general. It’s layered, has an odd musicality to it, it’s loud, and it’s exciting. And in eight days, I’m finally going to see the love of my life live– CASPA @ Hardfest (along with Jack Beats & Digitalism)

Here’s a tribute to what I’ll be having in mah ears in eight days.