My music taste can be chronicled in two paths.
I first became interested in music upon buying my first CD by the Hives. From there it transformed into a love of just rock, the Foo Fighters, RHCP, Arctic Monkeys, etc. By late middle school, I was a full-out screamo lover (I know what you’re thinking…no judgement please) enjoying the post-punk/metal scenes respectively. There was Devil Wears Prada, Chiodos, Underoath, anything by Anthony Green…
When highschool hit, naturally this love of loud, noisy, angst-y music transformed into an appreciation of dubstep, a more mature channeling of all of the aforementioned elements. My first dub encounter was hearing Caspa’s Cockney Thug. It was love at first hear.

Anyway somewhere along the way I kindled a love for more calm, indie music too for my less prepubescent-angsty side. But this too nurtured a love of dubstep. The oldschool, more spiritual and slow bass grooves a la Burial.

So that brings me to dubstep. Dubstep is a culmination of everything I love about sounds in general. It’s layered, has an odd musicality to it, it’s loud, and it’s exciting. And in eight days, I’m finally going to see the love of my life live– CASPA @ Hardfest (along with Jack Beats & Digitalism)

Here’s a tribute to what I’ll be having in mah ears in eight days.

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