Best Coast goes oldschool

I hate girl singers and especially girl bands. The only girl band I will ever willingly listen to is Warpaint, and maybe Feist (although she’s been MIA for quite some time).

That brings me to girl-led band, Best Coast. I’ll admit, when I first heard Bethany Cosentino’s songs from her band, Best Coast, I was fighting back my gag urges. All of her songs were like: Boys boys/I want some boys/a boy broke up with me/im sad/ boys. And for some reason I would always think of Taylor Swift and how her lyrics are all like: country boys boys/I want some country boys/blah

But this music video sort of made me LIKE Best Coast…a lot. Directed by Drew Barrymore, starring Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Chloe Moretz of Kickass fame, the music video takes on a really romantic Grease meets West Side Story sort of feel. I think Moretz and Posey nail it.

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Despite some negative feedback from Hipster Runoff’s brand of indie kidz (“because lyk, the plot was SO contrived and so stupid”) I thought this music video was awesome.

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