It’s too beautiful outside. I’m laying in a bed of clovers and people are looking at me weird.

Cerebral work by Waldez Snegotskiy. To me, this feels like a modern version of Geurnica, my fave Picasso work.

Who doesn’t love SBTRKT

Find me a person who doesn’t like SBTRKT. If somehow you manage to do that, make them listen to this song remixed by SBTRKT. Opinions will change.

It’s funny that I should stumble across this sculpture today because I was having a particularly feminist-driven morning. We get paid less, objectified, and overanalyzed. All men do is think with their penises. It seems artist Yoan Capote disagrees with me…this piece is smart and witty. I also like the classic Greek form.

Monday Blues

It’s Monday. And it’s rainy and cold. And gray. And ugly. But nonetheless I’m going to try and bring some beauty into your life:

Newly released Sleeper Agent to wake you up:

there’s an acoustic version of Far and Wide but it isn’t on youtube. Check it out though, it’s so beautiful and has an entirely different feel.

Soothe your nerves:

Who doesn’t love comics? Let Jon Vermilyea’s brilliant illustrations make you smile.


Everyone “makes music” these days. That’s really frustrating for me as a connoisseur of music because I have to differentiate the fakers from the real artists.

I know Millionyoung is legit because when I heard them live I could feel how good their music was in my intestines and toes and quivering legs. Seriously, not enough hype surrounding Millionyoung. Listening to them on your iPod does not come close to doing them justice…

Evian Christ

There’s been a resurgence of electronica lately. Its rebirth has brought a new smartness and elegance to the medium. It seems to be permeating hip-hop too. Artist Evian Christ has this style. It sounds sort like the love-making of Clams Casino and Sinjin Hawke

Rainbow Brite

I usually wear a lot of dark colors but I’m getting sick of navy and black. I want warm weather back and days where I don’t have to wear a raincoat.

These looks from LF’s latest trend report are making me salivate…

photos via Fashion Lane


I’m convinced that any music that comes out of Brooklyn is effortless and cool.