It’s too beautiful outside. I’m laying in a bed of clovers and people are looking at me weird.

Cerebral work by Waldez Snegotskiy. To me, this feels like a modern version of Geurnica, my fave Picasso work.

Who doesn’t love SBTRKT

Find me a person who doesn’t like SBTRKT. If somehow you manage to do that, make them listen to this song remixed by SBTRKT. Opinions will change.

It’s funny that I should stumble across this sculpture today because I was having a particularly feminist-driven morning. We get paid less, objectified, and overanalyzed. All men do is think with their penises. It seems artist Yoan Capote disagrees with me…this piece is smart and witty. I also like the classic Greek form.

Monday Blues

It’s Monday. And it’s rainy and cold. And gray. And ugly. But nonetheless I’m going to try and bring some beauty into your life:

Newly released Sleeper Agent to wake you up:

there’s an acoustic version of Far and Wide but it isn’t on youtube. Check it out though, it’s so beautiful and has an entirely different feel.

Soothe your nerves:

Who doesn’t love comics? Let Jon Vermilyea’s brilliant illustrations make you smile.

Kitty cats and lazer beams

If you frequent the Interwebz like I do, you’ve probably seen this cat (above). I see it reblogged on tumblr, on 9gag and reddit, on youtube– it’s ubiquitous. However, few know who the artist of the iconic lazer cat is. His name is Joe Van Wetering. Check him out!

And here’s a little tune I found today. It’s kind of weird in a really sexy way.

Art & Industry

Today I met up with a director of the National Wildlife Fund to organize an upcoming rally for the nation-wide November 6th protests. Before leaving, she handed me a book. “This has just been laying around here,” she said. “Read it.” I looked at its boring, outdated, serif text and ugly and outdated cover art and already knew it would make a perfect coaster. But when I got back to my dorm, I found myself bored and in the mood to do anything but study. I cracked it open, and after the first few pages was already filled with a sense of disgust and dread. In just a year, we create enough trash to encircle the earth 300 times over. That’s just the US. Industry is seen as an asset, but it’s slowly destroying us. It just so happens that today I discovered the work of Drew Etienne, an artist with a noble cause and powerful message:

Throughout our modern age, we’ve ignored the negative effects that industrialization has had on the world around us. The consequences of our neglect loom over us as we seek shelter in man-made alternate realities. How can we expect to exist in these digital realms once our physical reality can no longer support them? My paintings, at times surreal, at times abstract, are expressions of our post-industrial societies and their false sense of superiority over the natural world. My work is directed by vivid memories of childhood surroundings, a passion for succeeding and finding solutions, and a refreshing contentment in the fact that even if there appears to be a sensical structure to the universe, it does not necessitate a logical explanation.
–Drew Etienne

How fitting, right? Today is becoming a day of enlightenment for me. Hopefully, Etienne will enlighten you too.

Bradley Harms & Wild Beasts

It’s no secret that I’ve had a longstanding obsession with all things Andy Gilmore. His work is clean, mesmerizing, and he has a solid understanding of tonal values that makes me wish I fooled around with Kuler more. But I’ve never found Gilmore’s equal in the art world. Many people have come close to replicating his canon of interlacing geometric patterns but have fallen short in sincerity.

Until I found Bradley Harms. Harms differs in one major way: medium. While Gilmore is almost entirely a graphic artist, Harms’ works are…painted. It seems impossible, but he manages to create perfect lines, colors, and eye sex with paint.

Andy Gilmore:

Bradley Harms:

In the music world today, Wild Beasts’ music vid for Bed of Nails just came out. I dig.

Contempo Culture Potpourri

I’m going to do a potpourri of contempo things in this post today but I promise you it isn’t going to be one of those dank, grandma-smelly potpourris. It’s gonna be the vanilla-nutmeg lavender stuff all the classy white people buy for their bathrooms. Scout’s honor.

I woke up at noon today. Why? I was up late last night, completely enamored by a woman named Sarah Kay and a man named Phil Kaye: two practitioners of the spoken word, the performance art of poetry. (Like Def Jam, for those of you who have seen it.) As Fate would have it, the two even share the last name, and siblings with the same names…too crazy.

Their stuff is incredible.

Phil Kaye:

Sarah Kay Ted Talks:

In the art world today, I found myself transfixed by the complementary pastels that fill Jardley Jean-Louis’ illustrations. Her understanding of colors permeates all of his work. Subtle hues that somehow come across more vibrant than even the loudest of magentas and yellows.

In the realm of novelty items, I stumbled upon these adorable photo-accessories today.

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Beautifully filmed, warm-feeling, and intimate, Wilcox Sessions has been a love of mine for a year now.
This is one of my favorite bands that they’ve covered. This girl’s voice is honey