I’m convinced that any music that comes out of Brooklyn is effortless and cool.

This is what music is

In my opinion, this is what music is. It’s smart, elegant, edgy and original. I’ve listened to this song thousands of times and it still hasn’t gotten old…

In the art world, I’m crushin’ hard on Jeremy Zerfoss’ cheeky graphic designs that feel a little bit J-pop meets Kid Robot meets dark power puff girls meets Deadmau5


I demand that you watch this film. It’s one of those movies where you cry at all the wrong parts and laugh during the awkward stretches of silence and smile to yourself for no reason at all because all of the feelings conveyed in this film are inexplicably familiar, human, and raw. It is absolutely beautiful.


Bowie. Jennifer Connelly pre-Requiem, and some goodass music. Couldn’t have asked for a better combo


Clams Casino is bringing beauty to my life in the form of psychedelic lesbians, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.


I’ve been into ambient stuff lately because I’m all hip n shiz. Take a look-see/hear/poop!

and by the way, I want to make dirty secks to Sinjin Hawke. The Lights EP is possibly the best thing to happen me in a long time…

A friend linked me this one last week and I cannot stop listening. It’s very RJD2-explores-Asia

I listen to this when I need a moment of zen

Strung Out on Gross Magic

With finals fast approaching I’m losin mah cool. I feel all flustered by the dismal amounts of work I have to do because of my procrastination. The only thing keeping my sanity in check is this ridiculously catchy and danceable tune: