Bradley Harms & Wild Beasts

It’s no secret that I’ve had a longstanding obsession with all things Andy Gilmore. His work is clean, mesmerizing, and he has a solid understanding of tonal values that makes me wish I fooled around with Kuler more. But I’ve never found Gilmore’s equal in the art world. Many people have come close to replicating his canon of interlacing geometric patterns but have fallen short in sincerity.

Until I found Bradley Harms. Harms differs in one major way: medium. While Gilmore is almost entirely a graphic artist, Harms’ works are…painted. It seems impossible, but he manages to create perfect lines, colors, and eye sex with paint.

Andy Gilmore:

Bradley Harms:

In the music world today, Wild Beasts’ music vid for Bed of Nails just came out. I dig.