Rainbow Brite

I usually wear a lot of dark colors but I’m getting sick of navy and black. I want warm weather back and days where I don’t have to wear a raincoat.

These looks from LF’s latest trend report are making me salivate…

photos via Fashion Lane

Beachy Keen

We have preconceived notions of what summer is supposed to be: bikinis, sun-kissed hair, the BEACH, popsicles, fireworks, watermelon.

And you know what, I have not yet experienced the sun-kissed hair, beachy, popsicley, fireworky, watermelony part of summer that many a commercial hath promised.

Worse yet, suburbia, aint nuttin like the Arcade Fire makes it out to be. There may be some truth to what those Canadians sing about, but sans the glamour and cute indie boys on bmx bikes.

So, I have to live the beachy Cali summer through the clothes, and the blogs, and the lookbooks:

Images via: Oracle Fox, Fashion Lane, Studded Hearts, Blue Planet, and Surfer Mag