Contempo Culture Potpourri

I’m going to do a potpourri of contempo things in this post today but I promise you it isn’t going to be one of those dank, grandma-smelly potpourris. It’s gonna be the vanilla-nutmeg lavender stuff all the classy white people buy for their bathrooms. Scout’s honor.

I woke up at noon today. Why? I was up late last night, completely enamored by a woman named Sarah Kay and a man named Phil Kaye: two practitioners of the spoken word, the performance art of poetry. (Like Def Jam, for those of you who have seen it.) As Fate would have it, the two even share the last name, and siblings with the same names…too crazy.

Their stuff is incredible.

Phil Kaye:

Sarah Kay Ted Talks:

In the art world today, I found myself transfixed by the complementary pastels that fill Jardley Jean-Louis’ illustrations. Her understanding of colors permeates all of his work. Subtle hues that somehow come across more vibrant than even the loudest of magentas and yellows.

In the realm of novelty items, I stumbled upon these adorable photo-accessories today.

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Beautifully filmed, warm-feeling, and intimate, Wilcox Sessions has been a love of mine for a year now.
This is one of my favorite bands that they’ve covered. This girl’s voice is honey