Who doesn’t love SBTRKT

Find me a person who doesn’t like SBTRKT. If somehow you manage to do that, make them listen to this song remixed by SBTRKT. Opinions will change.

It’s funny that I should stumble across this sculpture today because I was having a particularly feminist-driven morning. We get paid less, objectified, and overanalyzed. All men do is think with their penises. It seems artist Yoan Capote disagrees with me…this piece is smart and witty. I also like the classic Greek form.

Summer Mix

What I’ve had on repeat this summer:

1. Black Hills- Gardens & Villa
2. Strange Love- Theophilus London
3. Got it All (This can’t be living now)- Portugal the Man
4. Color the Walls (Don’t Stop)- Foster the People
5. Revival- Deerhunter
6. Oh My God- Cults
7. Mouthful of Diamonds- Phantogram
8. Wildfire- SBTRKT feat. Little Dragon